Saturday, March 12, 2016
6:30 pm - Somerville Theatre 5

2015/Ireland | United Kingdom (103 min)
Director: Anthony Wonke

BEING AP is a feature length documentary which follows AP McCoy as he pursues his 20th title. Set against the inherent drama and theatre of National Hunt racing, this intimate but epic film follows an extraordinary man as he faces up to the ultimate decision. Even if you’ve never been to a race course, this fascinating portrait will engage, entertain and move you.

BEING AP takes an intimate but epic look at one of the world’s greatest sportsmen; ageing but fearless, nearing the end of his career yet still willing to sacrifice everything to achieve his dream in a competitive and dangerous sport. Through this intimate portrait, we are immersed in the colourful, dramatic, and rich world of racing. Throughout the film, we will follow AP’s daily life: his training routine; his family and home life; and the team around him - all the elements that make this man the greatest jump jockey the world has ever seen. We will see the unique combination of skills that have sustained his career and the people around him that have contributed to his success. At it's heart, this film is a celebration of a year in the life of the incredible man that is AP McCoy.