The Missing Scarf

The Missing Scarf

2013/Ireland (7 min)
Director: Eoin DuffyA black comedy exploring some of life's common fears: fear of the unknown, of failure, rejection and finally the fear of death. Narrated by George Takei and short listed for the 2014 Oscar Short Animation award.

Animated films about the sea programmed and presented by Belmont World Film (

MELTDOWN by Carrie Mombourquette , Canada, 2012, 2 min.
A polar bear must try his luck finding a job in the big city when the last of his Arctic ice environment disappears. 

A SEA TURTLE by Kathy Schultz, Canada, 2012, 10 min.A moving and exquisite stop-motion animated film that chronicles the life cycle of this critically endangered species, capturing the beauty of the ecosystems that sea turtles inhabit.

THE KRILL IS GONE by Jeffrey Bost, USA, 2010, 5 min.
A comedic take on the serious subject of man-made global warming voiced by Sponge Bob’s Tom Kenney

Lost and Found, Philip Hunt, 2008

Lost and Found, Philip Hunt, 2008

TZARITZA by Theodore Ushev, Canada, 2006, 7 min.
A warm, humorous and magical story about a young girl who misses her Bulgarian grandmother. When the girl finds a tzaritza (magic shell) along the seashore, she hatches a plan to bring her grandmother from Bulgaria to Montreal.

LOST AND FOUND by Philip Hunt, UK, 2008, 24 min.
A multi-award winning film about a little boy who tries to return a lost penguin to Antarctica. Narrated by Jim Broadbent.

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