Out of Innocence

Saturday, March 25, 2017
7:00 PM | Somerville Theatre 5

2016/Ireland (108 min)
Director: Danny Hiller

Sneak Peek Preview!

A newly born baby is washed up on a beach – this baby has been stabbed before entering the water. At the same time, a young mother gives birth to a stillborn baby 50 miles away and secretly buries the body on the families small holding. A link is made – wrongly– between the two babies. After a questionable police investigation, this young mother is accused on two counts of murder. Even though the science and evidence do not stack up, still she is pursued and ultimately committed to trial.

The case quickly sparks national outrage. At a time of much social discord and change in Ireland, marked by religious sectarianism, the abortion debate and the emergence of the first women’s movement - the young mother finds herself the unwitting central figure in a stubborn contest of the individual versus the State.

Fiona Shaw has been nominated by the Irish Film and Television Academy - for her role in Out of Innocence.