1935/Ireland (12 mins)
Director: Robert Flaherty

Documentary pioneer Robert Flaherty directed the first film made in the Irish language, Oidhche Sheanchais (“A Night of Storytelling”) in 1935 during the production of his now classic film Man of Aran.

Cited in nearly every history of Irish cinema, this short (11 minute) film has been missing, believed lost, since a fire destroyed the only known copies in 1943. A nitrate print of the film, purchased by the Harvard College Library in 1935 at the request of Harvard’s Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures, was rediscovered by Houghton Library curators during a cataloging update in 2012. The short film offers a disarming and fascinating distillation of Flaherty's ardent belief in cinema as a mythopoeic art and folkloric tradition.

plays with
Cumann na mBan- Mná na Réabhlóide (The Women's Council - Women of the Revolution)