Global Vision Best Documentary, SKIN IN THE GAME

Saturday, March 22, 2014
Somerville Theatre 5 

SKIN IN THE GAME                   
2012/Ireland (74 min)
Director: Donald Taylor Black
Donald Taylor Black in person


SKIN IN THE GAME examines the current financial and political crisis in Ireland through the responses of a number of Irish artists who are using it as subject matter for their work. These subjects include: emigration, 'ghost estates', the greedy and/or inept behavior of bankers and politicians, and the loss of Ireland's economic sovereignty. It also looks at the nature of artistic inspiration, how and why they choose what to make work about.

Participants include Christy Moore (musician); Sean Hillen (photographer); Rita Ann Higgins (poet); David Quin (animator); David Bolger (choreographer); and David Monahan (photographer). Roddy Doyle has written original texts for the film.

Q&A after screening