The Wall

Saturday, March 25, 2017
2:00 PM | Somerville Theatre 5

2016/Norway (74 min)
Director: David Kinsella

THE WALL is the story of a young female poet in North Korea. The director, David Kinsella, wanted to make a real documentary, but the government in North Korea brought in over 1000 extras to make Kinsella produce what they wanted: propaganda.

Kinsella had to change his strategy. Under pressure from the North Korean censor, he filmed in such a way that animation could be overlaid onto the images when he returned to Norway – and used to tell the real story.

Understanding that in North Korea “all foreigners are spies and evil”, David Kinsella realized that he had also been told this as a boy growing up in Northern Ireland – and so he made a comparison between his own childhood in Belfast, and his North Korean adventure movie.