New Irish Shorts Program 1

Saturday, March 24, 2018
12:30 PM | Somerville Theatre 1

(91 min)

2017/Ireland (11 min 58 sec)
Co-Directors:  Aoife Nic Ardghail and Kate Dolan

Maura, an aspiring poet, has been dumped in a voice mail. It was only a casual thing, but she's still stuck with those grim feelings that come with rejection: self loathing, anger, resentment and an insatiable hunger for chocolate mousse. 
And bacon. 
And wine. 
To get out of this funk, she decides to take control. 
Her mate thinks she's a dope, but Maura's sure she'll win the guy over.

2017/Ireland (11 min)
Director: Denis Fitzpatrick and Ken Williams

A man wakes up with a strange tune in his head. But what is it? And how did it get there?


Hidden Potential
2017/Ireland (11 min 7 sec)
Director: Eamonn MacMahon

Anthony - an 8 year old school child who struggles with dyslexia is constantly belittled, ignored and bullied by his class mates, teachers and even school principles. Until, one day someone steps in and changes his life forever. Even though he doesn’t even know it, yet.

2016/Ireland (11 min)
Director: Dani Wall

Nick Sullivan, a truck driver in the centre of nowhere, has had a breakdown. He’s on a severe time limit and risks losing everything if he’s not back on time. Just when he’s ready to give up, he discovers Ammar, a Syrian refugee, hiding in the back of his trailer. Before he can call the authorities however Ammar desperate to get back to his family, reveals himself as a mechanic and issues him an ultimatum; he’ll fix his truck and in return Nick will carry him across the border.

The Family Way
2017/Ireland (18 min 35 sec)
Director: Nuno Bernardo

A family is thrown into turmoil when a positive pregnancy test is found in the bathroom drawer. 

Mother and daughter Julia and Ruth get their pregnancy tests mixed up when they both hide them in the bathroom. They set out to discreetly buy pregnancy tests in their small Irish suburban town, but are thwarted at every turn, bumping into people they know. Word spreads and friends and neighbors turn up at their home to find out the 'news' from distressed dad Robert.

Roisin Kearney, Writer and Producer, in person - Q&A. 


Growing Alice
2017/Ireland (3 min 58 sec)
Director: Danilo Zambrano
Observing a girl's changing relationship with her mother, through the years, from the point of view of her bedroom mirror.

2017/Ireland (6 min 17 sec)
Director: Gemma Addy and Dave Slade

An Irish inmate's parole is threatened two weeks from release.

Stacey Lee
2017/Ireland (1 min 30 sec)
Director: Jennifer Meade

Stacey enjoys her books, Spencer's best friend is his dog, they don't think they need each other until they do.

2017/Ireland (8 min 50 sec)
Director: Steve Woods

 A boy and his horse - Coranna, are in a race to save the lives of their parish from the Great Irish Famine.

Marky's Bad Week
2017/Ireland/United Kingdom (6 minutes)
Director: Daniel Holmwood

After having the worst week of his life, Marky reflects on everything that has gone wrong in recent days and looks to his last vice to help him through it all – a spliff. But when he realises that he has lost his last nodge of hash, he sets off to retrace his steps and find it. Unfortunately for Marky, things only start to go from bad to worse when he crosses paths with an old acquaintance.