New Irish Shorts Program 1

Saturday, March 25, 2017
12:30 PM | Somerville Theatre 1

(101 min)

2016/Ireland (20 min)
Co-Directors:  Linda Bhreathnach and Justin Davey

Jane is in the middle of an awkward existential crisis that she really doesn't want to talk about, a relationship abroad in Bolivia goes awry and she finds herself back in the west of Ireland feeling very lost.
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2016/Ireland (13 min 01 sec)
Director: Aidan Largey

A child genius enlists his best friend to build a time machine in an attempt to escape his distant father and connect with the mother he never knew.

2016/Ireland (10 min 44 sec)
Director: Shaun O’ Connor

In a psychiatrist's office sits Charlie (Frank Prendergast), a young man whose life has been all but ruined by anxious thoughts. 

2016/Ireland (19 min 50 sec)
Director: Kev Cahill

On the day of the most important football match in Irish history, an expectant father is torn between witnessing the miracle of childbirth and the miracle of reaching the quarter finals of the World Cup

2016/Ireland (10 min 20 sec)
Director: Eimear Callaghan

GROUNDLESS is an award-winning short film starring Aoibhinn McGinnity (Love/Hate, Quarry) who plays Mary, a single mother who, despite her best efforts, keeps getting sucked back into her cruel reality.

2016/Ireland (1min 54 sec)
Director: Ken Womack

A percussive short with an Irish brogue.

2015/Ireland/UK (6min 13 sec)
Director: Mark Jenkin

A Cornishman’s travels in Ireland, through the counties of Wexford, Waterford and Cork in search of the familiar.
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2016/Ireland/United Kingdom (9 min 20 sec)
Director: Lynne Davison

Inspired by a heart-breaking true story, The Climb quietly explores the concept of feeling connected to someone you have lost by immersing yourself in something they love. The painful act of remembering by doing.

After the sudden death of her adventure-loving spouse, Julia decides it’s time for a fresh start abroad. Guided by an old climbing friend of her husband, she plucks up the courage to bid goodbye to her former life by doing one last thing – pushing herself to climb his favourite mountain for the first and only time.

A climb, both physical and mental.

2016/Ireland (9 min 44 sec)
Director: Jake McKone

A shy young man on a first date is subjected to a series of mortifying events. His efforts to rise above the occasion bear fruit in the most unexpected ways.

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