New Irish Shorts Program 2

Sunday, March 25, 2018
12:30 PM | Somerville Theatre 1
 (81 min)


2017/Ireland (6 min 43 sec)
Director: Leah Morgan

In this intimate portrait, Amy shares her story in her own words. Despite losing her mother at a young age and battling with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Amy maintains an inspiring zest for life. Her story is one of fortitude and strength.

Tit for Tatt
2017/Ireland (24 min 22 sec)
Director: Mairéad Ní Thréinir

Tit for Tatt follows the experiences of two breast cancer survivors who were inspired to mark their battles by getting tattoos on their surgery scars.
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Up the Mountain
2017/Ireland (12 min 32 sec)
Director: Donal Moloney

Eddie lost his wife 20 years ago. A broken heart and depression followed. His love of horses and family eventually got him through the difficult times. His biggest day of the year is now 'The Ballinasloe Horse Fair'.

2017/Ireland (14 min)
Director: Mia Mallarkey

A group of taxi drivers in Kilkenny, Ireland, join together to form a suicide prevention group. Uniquely positioned to patrol the night, the drivers keep vigil over the city's streets and bridges and offer help to those who feel forlorn.

You're Not a Man at All
2017/Ireland (10 min)
Director: Padraig Conaty

A talent competition in the local village gives a bachelor farmer the chance to reveal a secret.

No Irish Need Apply
2017/Ireland (6 min, 54 sec)
Director: William Fitzpatrick

A short film depicting anti Irish bigotry in Boston's daily newspapers in the 1880's and 1890's.

Director William Fitzpatrick in person!

Ticket price: $12.00